When you shop Kastel you are supporting the work of a female-operated company that has worked tirelessly to provide you with the best style, fit, comfort and protection possible.



I am both a business woman and award winning equestrian. I love to work, create and ride. Always happy and engaged, I ride internationally on top of being tirelessly involved in every facet of my beloved brand Kastel, from product development to the warehouse floor. I am gritty and tenacious and when someone tells me something is not possible, I gallop right through them.



I’m a city girl; plain and simple. Give me San Francisco, New York, or Rome. Born in Paris and raised in a small beach town on the central California coast, I landed in San Francisco where my career in product development began. I’ve created contemporary clothing and accessories for Anthropologie, BHLDN, Free People, Nordstrom, Stitch Fix, Victoria’s Secret and others. I adore beautiful prints and incorporate them each season to elevate a collection.

Inspiration come from customer’s needs and wants as well as creative risk takers on the streets of New York, Marrakesh and Paris. My goal is to create things that people want to wear every day and feel confident enough to take small risks. Life is too short.

If there is live music or a concert; you will find me there. I’m partial to Green Day, Queen, Ennio Morricone and Earth Wind and Fire. My motto: Carpe diem!



I’m Kristie Smith, high-energy, no-nonsense, let’s get it done kind of gal. I have been in the apparel and accessories industry for 25 years. My foremost goal is to contribute to a team that makes great product and work closely with retailers to make certain they achieve their sales and merchandising goals. I love working with wholesale accounts to ensure their merchandise assortments have the best impact in their stores. Color stories, harmony, trend, organization and timing are my thing. My Standards are as high as my heels.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was an athlete - soccer, cheer, and swimming. Those sacrifices and commitments shaped me into who I am today. My biggest love in sports is the San Jose Sharks hockey team. My home away from home is Santa Cruz beach, with a slice of pepperoni pizza from Pizza My Heart. I was blessed with the most wonderful daughter in the world, who is spoiled - but not rotten. We share a great love for Halloween, and creating amazing costumes. Simplicity is the key to happiness and happiness never goes out of style.



Even though I grew up in the Portland area, rural country life has always been where I am happiest. I was able to move back to Nevada in 2005 with my husband and our two kids. I love spending time with my family, doing things outside and just getting away to our off grid cabin. Even though Nevada is my home, I miss the ocean and get there every chance I get. A day on the Oregon coast crabbing and fishing is my idea of the perfect day.

Operations Supervisor


I am the walking definition of a person containing multitudes. My best friend (pictured), baseball (go Braves!), live music (Bayside, Fireworks, and Hit The Lights are some of my favorites) and travel bring me the most joy. Give me a trip that combines these things and you'll find me in complete bliss. I also love a night in baking, crocheting, and watching questionable quality TV.

I was raised in Reno and spent 15 years in retail before joining the team at Kastel, where the hats I wear are as plentiful and diverse as my hobbies. A fast paced, ever evolving environment is where I thrive. I'm the most fulfilled professionally when I can see my contributions come to life and propel a team.



I believe transparency is paramount when it comes to a successful professional career, that's why I always communicate with honesty and integrity. I like to be thorough and well prepared for any situation. I believe in doing things right the first time, so I always double check my work. I think it's safe to say I strive for perfection! I was born and raised in New Jersey before moving to Nevada in 2021. Coming from an Italian and Irish-American family I'm used to hearing a lot of opinions--whether warranted or not--but that atmosphere spurred my hunger for knowledge and understanding. I have a passion for political and socio economic science, art, as well as charitable and community organizations. In my free time I enjoy snuggling with my cats, attending concerts, watching anime, cleaning and organizing my closet, relaxing with my partner, and trying new local restaurants.

Design Assistant


I love to inject creativity into every facet of my life. I enjoy surrounding myself with creative people, I occupy my time with creative hobbies and studied design in college to make creativity a part of my career as well. I am a maker and love to learn new ways of utilizing my skillset to bring my ideas to life. I have won several awards for my creations, the most recent being the Claire Schaeffer Award for Most marketable Design at the International Textile and Apparel conference. I believe that good design can help spread awareness, connection and even hope; which is why I feel so passionate about my work.