Why should you wear sun protection clothing?

This is a commonly asked question here at Kastel Denmark. Most people believe that where you have clothes covering your body, you are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. However this is not necessarily correct. You may have clothing over every square inch of your body, but if the sun goes right through it, it’s not much use.

It is important to choose garments with UPF labels. The label means the fabric has been tested in a laboratory and consumers can be confident about the listed level of protection.

Kastel Denmark is known for its specially made high-UPF shirt with long sleeves constructed with a lightweight material that gives the wearer superior comfort and coolness as well as added sun safety. And the UPF label always adds a measure of certainty.


I already wear a tee shirt, why do I need UPF rated product and how is UPF-rated clothing better than garments without a UPF rating?

You may receive some UV protection from a regular piece of clothing, but the density of the fabric weave, color of the fabric and the conditions in which you are wearing it can also affect how much protection the garment may have. A basic cotton tee shirt provides only 9 UPF protection leaving the wearer at increased risk for sunburn. With a UPF-rated garment, you know you are protected and safe

It is difficult to pinpoint just how protective a piece of clothing is simply by looking at it. Holding it up to the light helps show how much light passes through, but this isn’t ideal, because the human eye sees visible light but not UV radiation.


Here are some key tips for buying and staying sun-safe with clothing:

Buy garments that suit your purpose. You don’t need a heavy work shirt for the beach, but a long-sleeved, tightly knitted shirt can be both cool and sun-smart.

Always look for garments with a UPF of at least 30 so that you know you’re getting effective sun protection.


Not all clothing is equal-

Sun-protective clothing doesn’t have to be boring: it can be light and bright and fashionable and fun. And when chosen and used correctly, it’s the best form of sun protection you can find.